Bertien van Manen

'Let`s sit down before we go'
A commission to produce 70 hand prints for a new book to be published by Michael Mack. in October 2011. Edited by Stephen Gill. Bertien spent 5 days in Cumbria directing the printing, sharing her experiences and walking in the hills! An absolutely amazing time to have her visit the darkroom. ... view web site

Ben Murphy

New work on homeless encampments in the U.S. Detailed studies were printed 28 x 34 inch from 5x4 negatives. These images follow on from his previous series `The Riverbed` as shown here. ... view web site

Susie Rea : Super Vivere

An exhibition produced for The Naughton Gallery in Belfast. Susie visited the darkroom for two days to direct the first images, once she was happy and images were looking good, she returned to Belfast, and left the work to be completed. Rob printed 30 x 40 inch, and 24 x 30 inch hand prints for these subtle portraits of nonagenarians. `Reflections on long life and ageing well` ... view web site

`B - Sides` by Stephen Gill

This is a companion book to `Coming up for Air`. For the printing of both series, Stephen visited the darkroom many times as we tested, and experimented with techniques to produce the subtle, beautiful, muted tones that were required. Hand printing joy! ... view web site

Coming Up For Air - Stephen Gill

`These images create a chance to sink into a kind of fictional, aquatic world, that somehow leaves you gasping for breath.`
Unlike many previous series, this time the information in his images has been starved or completely denied. The book is the result of Stephen`s long term photographic work, from visits to Japan in 2008-9. 98 images in this truly original new book. ... view web site

A Book of Birds - Stephen Gill

Stephen`s study of how birds fit and mould their lives around ours and adapt to what we have created. 32 pages ... view web site

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