Neeta Madahar - `Flora`

Neeta is a visual artist working with photography and video. This exhibition in Gallery One at the National Media Museum is the culmination of her two years as the 14th Bradford Fellow in Photography.
Visits to the darkroom enabled Neeta to direct and oversee the printing of these luscious 30 x 40 inch hand prints. ... view web site

Simon Roberts

`We English`
I am delighted to have completed the master prints for Simon`s new book. Simon spent time at the darkroom directing the printing, it was an excellent way of working. Focused and productive, and good hard work. More information can be found on his superb blog on the We English website
... view web site

Tim Knowles

Tim`s work is often an exploration of chance and process. His projects experiment and investigate forces and movements that are outside of his direct control, but are ingeniously captured in a variety of media. Many of Tim`s photographic works have been produced by Rob at Studio One Darkroom ... view web site

Stephen Gill

Warming Down A limited edition, hand made by Stephen. It is a very personal and original book, and possibly the last to feature a 6 year project of photographing in and around Hackney Wick. Features 15 c-type hand prints, letter press, lino prints all housed in an ex-Hackney Library music score book. ... view web site

Ewen Spencer

OPEN MIC 2006 Ewen`s personal photographic projects often explore British Youth Culture. This stunning book focuses on the `Grime` music scene, in and around London. Creative, upfront and dramatic images as ever. Forewords by Martin Parr, and Mike Skinner. Rob is pleased to have been involved with printing many collaborations with Ewen over the years. ... view web site

Andrew Youngson

VISIONS 1-26 "This book presents images as both document and metaphor. In employing the streets and sub-terrain of cities as symbols for loss and memory, it tests our understanding of what is real, what is not and what is dreamt." A Youngson.
Rob produced the C-type prints for this debut publication. ... view web site

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